Chapter 9

Taking it further


VPA pride

Follow the suggestions in the chapter to create your VPA and share it proudly with us in the comments.

With a little help from your libs

You can enhance the apps that were provided in the book by using the libs developed in other chapters. For example, you can enhance MusicBrain by adding grammars, or the VoiceLaunch app by using a VPA, or a VPA by using a multimodal interface… there are lots of combinations!

Suggested reading:

Meisel, W. (2013) The Personal-Assistant Model: Unifying the Technology Experience. In A. Neustein and J.A. Markowitz (eds.), Mobile Speech and Advanced Natural Language Solutions, Springer Science+Business Media New York 2013.

Perez-Marin, D. and Pascual-Nieto, I. (eds.) (2011) Conversational Agents and Natural Language Interaction: Techniques and Effective Practices. IGI Global.


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