Chapter 1

Speech on Android Devices


Familiarize yourself with the capabilities of your Android device

  • Configure the voice features. Usually this is under Settings > Language & Input. You can play with the different configurations of the device’s language, voice search options and text-to-speech options.
  • Watch this video and try some Google voice search with spoken queries

Suggested reading:

R. Pieraccini. The Voice in the Machine: Building Computers That Understand Speech. MIT Press, 2012. This is a very readable and comprehensive account of speech technology covering both scientific and commercial developments.

D. Jurafsky and J. H. Martin. Speech and Language Processing: an Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, and Speech Recognition. Pearson, 2008. This is the standard text on speech technology, providing a comprehensive account of all aspects of speech and language processing. The book is intended for an academic audience with a background in computational and statistical methods.

Nitendra Rajput and Amit Anil Nanavati. Speech in Mobile and Pervasive Environments, Wiley, 2012. This is an advanced text that covers in technical detail the technologies involved in the use of speech in mobile and pervasive environments.

Greg Milette and Adam Stroud. Professional Android™ Sensor Programming, Wrox, 2012. This book has 5 chapters on speech technology. It is pitched at a level suitable for professional Android programmers and is an excellent source for readers who wish to progress beyond the techniques covered in the present book.



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